zondag 24 maart 2013

Prodigy Slideshow Slideshow

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donderdag 24 januari 2013

Hey ,
I am Kaylee , i wanna be a popstar , and in a hope to meet prodigy from MB once !
My idol is : Keke Palmer , Beyonce.
My crush is : Prodigy from MB.
My Talents are : Acting , Singing , Dansing , Rapping ,
 This is my first message , i am gonna share my moments of life with you guys about the chances of being a popstar!
Maybe i will make it , and maybe i will not.
I Believe i will !!
I live in Holland (Europe) , but i wanna be a big star , so i wanna lead to America , because thats World Wide , Like Esmee Denthers Did !
I am Probally gonna register for the The "Voice Of Kids Holland" , If i am not to late to register!!
So please Help Me Out And go to youtube : lovekaylee100 .